Lively Leo

Alexis GiannattasioCommunity Stories, Family Stories, Toddler-Preschooler

When I was pregnant with Leo, some routine blood work indicated that my alpha fetoprotein levels were dangerously high, which is the marker for spina bifida. We went in immediately for a consultation with the genetics counselor and were prepared … Read More

My Warrior

Alexis GiannattasioACPA Family Services News, Family Stories

My beautiful son, Jaxson, started to show me how strong he was just a few weeks after I found out I would be blessed with him. At our 12-week ultrasound, we found out Jax would have some sort of cleft … Read More

Embrace Your Face

Alexis GiannattasioAdult, Family Stories

I was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a complex craniofacial condition that causes facial malformations. For a long time, I felt trapped by my struggles, but now, I use my voice to help others. As a craniofacial awareness advocate, I … Read More