Zobaria Ali

Alexis GiannattasioAdult, Community Stories, Family Stories

My name is Zobaria Ali. I was born with cleft lip and palate at Stevens Hospital in Washington. On my third day, I was transferred to Seattle Children’s Hospital, where they have a dedicated, ACPA Approved Team. I remained a … Read More

Brandon Willis Jr.

Alexis GiannattasioCommunity Stories, Family Stories

My third born child and first son was born with a bilateral cleft lip. I found out about his potential cleft five months before he was born. I had a sense of hope after family members, and even local ultrasound … Read More

Lively Leo

Alexis GiannattasioCommunity Stories, Family Stories, Toddler-Preschooler

When I was pregnant with Leo, some routine blood work indicated that my alpha fetoprotein levels were dangerously high, which is the marker for spina bifida. We went in immediately for a consultation with the genetics counselor and were prepared … Read More