A Happy Boy

Alyssa KirkmanFamily Stories, Newborn-Infant

We found out at our 20 week anatomy scan about Ethan’s cleft lip and possible palate involvement. We were devastated to hear of the long journey of surgeries and doctors and complications our baby would have. However, ever since Ethan … Read More


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Quiero compartir la historia de mi hijo que desde que estaba en mi vientre fue un guerrero. Bueno yo no sabía que me iba a tocar la bendición de tener un hijo con el síndrome de Pierre Robin y digo … Read More


Alyssa KirkmanFamily Stories, Newborn-Infant

Our daughter Hope fits her name perfectly.  She came into the world making her presence known and has continued to blossom into an independent, affectionate, and energetic girl!  Already in her life, she has given us, and so many others, … Read More


Alyssa KirkmanFamily Stories, Newborn-Infant

The day our daughter Vivienne was born was the best, but also the hardest, day of our lives.  Toward the end of my pregnancy, Vivi was diagnosed as being growth restricted, and the doctor induced me at 39 weeks.  Vivi … Read More

Baby Andrew’s Story

Alyssa KirkmanFamily Stories, Newborn-Infant

Andrew Bradley is our miracle.  Our first born child. Our double rainbow baby. Our dream of IVF success come true. The answer to our prayers. The little boy that has changed us into “Mama” and “Daddy.”  The baby that completes … Read More